New Construction Warranty Inspections

Beyond Minimums... and Looking to the Future.

It seems ironic at times when something we've purchased breaks within days or weeks after its warranty has expired. In fact, its a running joke on every continent. But there is a big difference between a $35 product that can easily be replaced and $150,000+ home that provides shelter, safety and comfort for you and your family. A home warranty inspection should be performed prior to the expiration of your New Home's Warranty so that items that need to be repaired can be fixed under the protection of your warranty without significant out-of-pocket costs, if any, being incurred by you.

Builders employ dozens of skilled craftsmen to construct a home, but even skilled craftsmen can make mistakes. After all, a home is built from thousands of components, and those components must be assembled in exactly the right way. The mistakes made by builders and their crews may often go un-checked by a foreman who is typically busy trying to assure that the job gets done on time and within budget. Sometimes these mistakes can lead to serious problems with a home that may only be discovered later after the damage has made itself apparent.

By retaining a professional home inspector to inspect a newly-built property prior to moving in, also called a builder's inspection, you can catch potentially costly or dangerous construction-related problems at a time when it is easier for the builder to make the necessary corrections and repairs. In fact, it is highly-recommended that you retain your home inspector to perform two inspections. The first inspection should occur just after the framing and before the hanging of walls and ceiling. This will allow your home inspector to catch potential problems [primarily] with the assembled supporting structures. The second inspection should occur just prior to moving your possessions into the home. The will allow your home inspector to have uninhibited access to areas of the completed building so that entire, completed home can be inspected for damage or deficiencies in overall construction quality.

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